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Maui Smoothie: "Easy to make real fruit smoothies."  All Maui smoothies are shelf stable.  With the addition of a new ice cream base, making milk shakes are a breeze.  No scooping needed.


Maui smoothies are made with real fruit for making all natural fruit smoothies and frozen cocktails.  Maui Smoothie mix is asceptically packaged under a sterile vacuum.  Maui smoothies require no preservatives making Maui Smoothie shelf stable until you open.  This saves valuable refrigerator and freezer space. 

Maui fruit flavors are packaged in 46 oz. cartons while the ice cream base is packaged in 32 oz containers. Maui smoothie requires no refrigeration until the carton is opened with a minimum shelf life of six months! After opening, your Maui smoothie mix is good in the refrigerator for four weeks.

To order Maui Smoothies please call 800-747-1984.


$8.00/bottle mixed case
$7.80/bottle case pricing

Free Shipping for each case when ordering Maui Smoothies with 10lbs or more of coffee!!!  
Maui Smoothies

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